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new product innovations generate brand chatter

While we are (thankfully) a long ways away from the height of COVID-19, the pandemic’s impact on our personal and professional lives has lingered – from normalizing masks, Zoom calls replacing in-person meetings, price increases on ALL basic necessities, and more.

During COVID, the food and beverage industry thrived with people spending most --if not all-- of their time at home. Innovations on the other hand, did not – put on hold by many brands as their focus shifted from creating new news to trying to keep up with demand for their products due to pantry-loading.

With consumers physically back in grocery stores and still shopping the aisles and brands they loved and knew during COVID, now is the time to cultivate fresh ideas. Consumers are eager to make up for lost time and try something new.

Our team is passionate about bringing new and different food and beverage product packaging to life. We believe now is the time to get back in the swing of things, to start innovating and generating news again! So, let’s see what you’ve got.


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