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about csb

Hi, we’re CSB – or Cornerstone Strategic Branding for the OGs. Headquartered in NYC, CSB has been designing for established and emerging CPG brands since 1991.


We are a fully independent, woman-owned company that will translate your business goals into actionable visuals your consumer can understand at a glance.


As an integrated team of experts in all things brand-related, we cover an A-Z of services, from analysis, brand strategy, consumer research, industry trends, stellar creative, photography, structure, unboxing, illustration, animation & in-store materials, to print planning and partnership, to give brands center-shelf power to stand out.


the a-team, minus the van

No B-team here. Everyone on staff at CSB is an industry pro, so we make fewer mistakes, work super collaboratively, and understand all the complexities of package design.

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