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demonstrating simplicity

The FlipIt! bottle-emptying cap allows you to get the last contents out of bottles by balancing them upside down on a unique tripod stand. The stand contains a valve to stop leaks, and it dispenses the contents when you’re ready. Sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon and DTC, the product needed its packaging to work much harder to show consumers why they need it.


The old packaging was unclear, confusing consumers with multiple messages and competing visuals. Flip-It Cap Co. asked CSB to redesign the packaging to drive awareness, attract new consumers and better demonstrate the product’s benefits.


CSB optimized the packaging graphics to more clearly convey what the product is and what it does. This was executed by simplifying and optimizing the front-panel messaging, modernizing the creative expression, and highlighting the product’s use with a realistically illustrated hero image.


Steve Epstein, Flip-It Cap Co.’s CEO, said, “I am delighted with the work that Cornerstone Strategic Branding [CSB] has done for my original product, and most recently a line extension. Our packaging is now 100% ‘Ready for Prime Time!’ and as good as anything from any major company with much larger budgets than I have.”

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