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the pub experience in a pack

Gorton’s Pub Style Cod was underperforming in the Club channel. Within the Grocery channel, the brand is a high performer and has a strong connection with consumers, but this was not translating to the Club shopper, who is looking for the type of unique product that can only be found at a Club store. 


A dramatic shift in strategy was needed to jump-start sales and keep the brand from being removed from Club-channel shelves. The brand’s packaging hierarchy was changed from a heavily Gorton’s-branded presentation to one that focuses on the product and carries the Gorton’s endorsement. The Gorton’s brand delivers the idea of trusted quality, and the product-focused packaging highlights appetite appeal, as well as influencing the in-the-moment purchase decision needed within the club environment. 


The redesign delivered in sales growth, as well as expansion to additional club stores. The new strategy is now used as the blueprint for new Gorton’s Club product offerings. 

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