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cleaning up a classic

An East Coast favorite for decades, La Yogurt is loved for its creamy texture and delicious array of flavors at the right price. With competitive legacy yogurt brands refining their strategies to respond to consumer trends, as well as a slew of newcomers entering the dairy category, La Yogurt was in need of a refresh.


Understanding consumer trends in the dairy category at retail was key to diagnosing the problem. Legacy and newcomer brands were doubling down on the perceived “healthy halo” of yogurt in their approach to package design, making wide use of white spaces and clean fruit imagery. CSB helped La Yogurt determine its best packaging strategy by focusing on what consumers already love about the brand: Flavor.


Once the path was determined, CSB helped La Yogurt emphasize its best assets. We removed all the unnecessary content on the old package in favor of new, modern and larger-than-life flavor imagery. We organized the brand portfolio with soft color-coded backgrounds to help consumers find their yogurt easily and to optimize the variety of flavors in the line.


We are extra proud that our work on La Yogurt received a 2022 GDUSA Package Design Award in the Food + Beverage category. This annual program celebrates attractive graphics, of course, but more importantly the power of effective design to advance the brand promise and to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth.

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