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making a monster family

Our evaluation of the Nestlé Halloween mixed bags concluded that while some packs were effective, there was no overall consistency across the offerings, resulting in a disjointed and confusing retail experience. The goal was to resonate and increase purchase intent with the Gatekeeper Mom target – a shopper who is looking for the best Trick-or-Treat mixed bag, at a value price – as well as to gain additional acceptance by retailers by presenting a more cohesive look.


After conducting an in-depth category review, including identifying Halloween trends outside the confections set, we developed an overarching Monster design thematic across all the Nestlé Halloween mixed-bag portfolio.     


The final system captured the essence of the Halloween season by deploying various monsters held together by a common, yet unique, illustration style. The system highlighted each monster with a full bag takeover, using the mouth as an architectural device serving as a vehicle not only to display brands, but also to showcase the window fill and piece count – a key driver for the Gatekeeper Mom. This created a systematic yet engaging thematic.


CSB’s new packaging creates a striking brand block on-shelf. The plug-and-play system allows for easy brand swaps based on customer requests.  Subsequently, additional retailers requested their own unique Monster bag – which sounds just “Spooktacular” to us!

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