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revamping a family favorite

Mrs. T’s Pierogies is a family-owned business that’s been in operation since 1952 in Shenandoah, PA., making pierogies and only pierogies. They are the experts at these delicious, filled pasta shells, and they hold the largest market share! 


The Scenario:
The frozen food category had been experiencing a steady decline until the onset of the pandemic, when many consumers suddenly stayed home, economized, and stocked up on frozen foods and comforting staples. This led to double-digit growth and a 15% increase in household penetration for Mrs. T’s. At this opportune time, the brand aimed to capitalize and increase their growth potential while making their brand more sustainable for the future.


The Challenge:
One of the biggest problems Mrs. T’s faced was that their current packaging was not connecting well with their key growth target, Millennial Moms. It turned out that much of this growth target was largely unaware of the brand, or even just what a pierogy is. In addition, Mrs. T’s had a loyal consumer base, and the company wanted to make sure the new packaging design would not alienate the brand’s longtime consumers. 


Our Solution:
Building a strong strategic plan supported by consumer research, CSB connected the visual social media language Moms were looking to for inspiration, folding that vocabulary into a new identity: Casual, imperfect food photography, complemented with spirited, optimistic typography and a brighter, happier color palette that shook up the frozen food aisle.

Awards Won:

2022 GDUSA Package Design Award in the Food + Beverage category.

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