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hoppy hours

Pyramid Brewing Co. was getting increased market competition in the ever-expanding Craft Brew category. Once seen as the innovator in craft brewing, the brand was falling behind new, emerging craft breweries. Pyramid needed to build on its inherent truths and define its voice to a new generation of craft brew drinkers. 


CSB redesigned the brand by pulling inspiration and elements from the brand’s beginnings back in 1984. The strategy was to communicate and celebrate Pyramid’s trusted brewing history, going in the opposite direction of newcomer brands that were taking risks and riding trends. Pyramid was positioned as the trusted craft brew taste that all can enjoy. To regain the innovative spirit of the brand, a subline of Brewer’s Reserve was created as a sandbox for Pyramid to connect with the changing “here today, gone tomorrow” interests within the craft brew category. 


Pyramid Brewing held and grew current market share and was able to expand to new markets. Pyramid took its rightful spot at the pub table as the “hip Godfather” of craft brewing. 

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