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be better than Bubba Burger

Rastelli Foods wanted to expand its business-to-business restaurant frozen craft burger trade into a consumer retail brand. The first year was unsuccessful with Grocery channel buyers, who often asked, “I have Bubba Burger, why do I need another frozen burger brand that is more expensive?” Rastelli’s found zero sell-ins for their product. On top of the buyers’ response, a trade magazine published an article that, while praising the quality of the burger, also noted that the packaging communication was confusing and did not justify to consumers the higher price of Rastelli’s product. 


The packaging needed to communicate to consumers what the trade magazine confirmed, that within the package was a far superior product. CSB worked with Rastelli’s on a product positioning that was rooted in the company’s origins and main differentiator: The product is made by a family of butchers. The packaging clearly introduces the brand and the reason to believe; it focuses on big appetite appeal (the packaging needed to connect with shoppers from behind freezer doors) and the level of quality and craft put into the product, which is much, much higher than your run-of-the-mill frozen Bubba Burger. 


With their new product positioning and a new package in hand, Rastelli’s secured a large sell-in at their first Grocery channel buyer meeting. We also would like to think it may have had the trade magazine looking for words to describe the transformation!


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