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bringing Latin flavor to life

Red Bull, the leading premium global energy drink, introduces seasonal flavors to reflect taste trends and to appeal to a consumer who’s constantly looking for something new. The Edición Limón, created to appeal to Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers alike, needed to stand out from the brand’s existing Kiwi-Apple Green Edition.


CSB focused heavily on visual expressions meant to convey the pride, authenticity and unique celebratory aspect of Hispanic heritage. These expressions incorporated flavor cues and fit the Red Bull design language. The perfect size and placement were explored to differentiate Limón from the Green Edition.


By infusing visuals to express flavor, The Edición Limón packaging is extremely successful in differentiating itself from The Green Edition while leveraging visibility off of existing flavors. The design achieves a balance, delivering on the objective of creating a Latin-inspired design scheme that is celebratory and visualizes the flavor experience.


The Red Bull Lime Edition, born from our design, achieved $37.6 million in year-one sales and was one of IRI’s Top 10 Product Pace-Setters of 2018.

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