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creating fall comfort

As one of the most beloved caramel candies around the world, Werther’s Original promises to bring comfort and joy all year round. During the fall season, the brand team saw an opportunity to bring some autumnal bliss to consumers with special fall-inspired Harvest flavors to celebrate the season.


Understanding the consumer is key to creating an effective design. CSB analyzed the mindset of the core Werther’s shopper, someone who loves to bring joy to others but also loves to revel in quiet moments of enjoying a delicious treat. Then we set out to create a cozy corner at retail, a place where one could find these seasonal treats and a respite from the otherwise chaotic Halloween options.


It’s all about the flavor! The soft, warm tones inherent in the brand’s visual language made the job of infusing the spirit of Fall into the package design seamlessly. CSB nestled the brand in a canopy of Fall leaves and created a bold, colorful holding device for the flavor. A beautiful image for each flavor helps consumers quickly spot their desired treat.

Werthers Harvest_PromoPages-01.jpg

"Working with Cornerstone was a wonderful experience from start to finish.  As a result of the team’s creativity and design expertise, we revitalized the Werther’s brand and continued to keep it fresh and relevant. They also immersed themselves in the category to bring forward compelling ideas that allowed me to stay current and curious as a marketer.
Before working with Cornerstone, our design system was average, and we struggled to bring brand extensions to the market in a visually compelling way. Then, Cornerstone developed a design system that focused on the right hierarchy and enough flexibility to grow with our brand.  The business results speak for themselves.   As a result of working with Cornerstone, we experienced strong sales growth for Werther’s Original, attraction of new users through brand extensions to new seasons, and a much more efficient approach to package design - allowing us to save time and money on an ongoing basis."

Kelly Cook, Vice President of Marketing at Storck USA .

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