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3 Black Visual Creators

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

This Black History Month, we're celebrating three amazing Black visual creators. At CSB, we believe that with your platform, it's important to amplify the voices from every corner of the internet. According to Zippia, a career and job website, only 3.8% of all graphic designers in the U.S. are Black.


Erick M. Ramos

Erick is an Afro-Latinx illustrator located in Vancouver, BC, who creates bold, colorful, and optimistic work for clients like Google, The New York Times, and Medium. As Erick says, “The thoughtfulness and consideration my background provides integrate into everything I make. This allows the work created to be applicable to a broad spectrum of subjects such as tech, science, lifestyle, mental health, and current events, while still exuding personality and maintaining a sense of grit.”

Originally from Puerto Rico, the illustrator likes vibrant colors and exploring the contrast of “who people were, are and want to be”. He is drawn to feelings and emotions and how other people experience the world, so he tries to make illustrations that reflect that. @erickmramos


Jade Purple Brown

We first spotted Jade Purple Brown’s work around NYC. Her art was featured on LINK wifi stations and BondVet murals. Since then we’ve noticed her bold, playful art for Adobe Illustrator, EOS, and Clinique. Jade says she is "constantly experimenting to create the unexpected, centered on a sense of play."

Her strong figures and vibrant colors create new, dynamic worlds of individuality and empowerment. Her artistic practice spans across illustration, design, and creative direction, and has attracted a wide range of global clients. @jadepurplebrown


Adé Hogue

We became aware of Adé’s work via the “28 Days of Black Designers" project, which highlighted the creative work of African American and Black graphic designers, art directors, and creative directors during Black History Month. Unfortunately, Adé passed away at the end of 2021 due to a tragic bike accident in his hometown of Chicago, IL. He was an incredibly talented designer and hand-letterer who was an inspiration to many. Adé designed and photographed his custom paper typography for brands including Target, Amazon, and Teavana.

As the designer said, he loved “doing more than pushing pixels, I get to take ideas and turn them into something physical.” He will be sorely missed in the design community and around the world. @adehogue


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