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the CSB 2022 gift guide

Projects are wrapping up, the decorations are hung, and now all you’ve gotta do is buy gifts for everyone on your list. (No pressure.) If you’re in need of a little gift inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite things.


Egg on a Bagel Maker

This handmade egg dish is the perfect gift for bacon, egg, and cheese lovers who don’t want to brave the winter wind. Fun fact: Did you know that “baconeggandcheese” is one word in NYC?

Porter Mug

For making Mondays feel less like Mondays, give the gift of keeping coffee hot all winter long.

Fishwife Wild-Caught Smoked Albacore Tuna

Tinned fish is all the rage, plus this packaging will look great sitting on your counter.


STOP KITTY Wine Stopper

Every cat lover needs this wine stopper. Trust us – we’re cat people.

Cocktail Chameleon: Modern Takes on Classic Recipes

You know we love a cocktail. (Wobbly Wednesday, anyone?) Cheers to the book every budding mixologist needs!

Multicolor Fizzy Flutes

The perfect way to elevate a cocktail? Colorful cocktail glasses. Drinks taste better when they look better. (Hey, we don’t make the rules.)

green thumb

Eco Wall Planter

Give someone the gift of making their own plant wall with a Wally Grow Eco Wall Planter. These planters come in an array of colors, and make it easy to add a little green to any indoor space.

Rosy Soil

The perfect gift for any plant parent: a beautifully packaged bag of indoor potting mix.

Baby Mystery Jungle Box from Rooted

A mystery box of tiny plants? It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


​Floating Moon Lamp

Quite possibly the coolest desk lamp ever. Your giftee is sure to be over the moon with this gift.

2023 Planner

For the planner in your family or friend group, who wouldn’t love an aesthetically pleasing calendar?

Orange Ceramic Pencil Holder

Pen holder? Succulent planter? Either way, it will be sure to add a little color to your office space.


You are an Artist

How do you keep the creative juices flowing over the holiday break? “Read” this inspirational activity book.

CLR Shop Woven Blanket

We all know that person who refuses to leave the house all winter because they “don’t do cold.” Well, let them snuggle up in this to fight that cold air.

Keith Haring Running Heart Candle

When in doubt, get ‘em a candle. Especially an ultra-cool, artsy one.

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