everybody’s getting into costume

If you have to buy water for the class Halloween party or your rager of a costume party, then you’re definitely going to want to find something that fits the theme. And we did exactly that with the Pure Life “Share-A-Scare” program.

This program for Pure Life Water was inspired by the seasonality of the candy category. This is why we always audit what brands in categories outside of our client’s own are doing – whether it be how they communicate flavor, appetite appeal, or in this case, how they treat seasonality – to allow us to bring fresh ideas into the category.

Bringing Halloween to the water category may seem odd, but this strategy allowed for the product to be highlighted in-store, in a way it normally wouldn’t be displayed. Obviously, we all love water. (Need it to live, right?) But water with cute Halloween characters makes it super-relevant during the months of September and October.


Need help Halloween-izing your product? Let us think outside the box – or bottle – for you!

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