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go green: build your own plant wall

Studies say that indoor plants can reduce stress, but TBH, keeping a plant alive can be kinda stressful. So, when we decided to add a plant wall to our office space, we turned to our in-house plant parent, Carlos Pasco, Senior Production Director, to share some tips on how to create a low-maintenance plant wall.


1. let there be light Everybody knows that plants need sun to grow. But if you don’t have a lot of natural light in your space, don’t be discouraged! Before you get started on building a plant wall, evaluate your space to find the perfect spot. There are a variety of plants out there, many of which even thrive off shade (much like your colleague that hangs out at the water cooler).

Carlos’s Pro-Tip: No windows? Snag an LED grow light from Amazon, designed to substitute natural light and stimulate the photosynthesis process.

2. pop of color When picking plants for your space, you will want to consider their visual impact. Bring in a pop of color by choosing a fun pot or wall planter. Or even the leaves of your plant! For a variety of color and a low-maintenance level (the best of both worlds), reach for succulents.

Carlos’s Pro-Tip: Varying sizes, shapes, and textures will also add interest to your indoor jungle.

3. H2O As we now live in a hybrid world, under- or over-watering your plants may be a concern. When in doubt, your soil should be dry the next time you go to water your plants again – not as dry as the Sahara Desert, but not as wet as the rainforest (it’s called balance). Be sure to set up a consistent schedule for watering!

Carlos’s Pro-Tip: Use a watering can with a long spout to help control the water and aim it into the soil around your plant.

Want to install your own plant wall? Here are some things you’ll need to get started:

• Wall planters – Ours are from @wallygrow and were super easy to install.

• Fertilizer – We used 8 ounces of succulent and indoor plant food.

• Soil – 4-5 small bags of soil; Carlos recommends Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix.

• Plants, of course – Several variations of plants, like succulents, perennials, and ivies.

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