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killer candy packaging

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

We heart Halloween. And we’re happy to say that we get to design our fair share of

creepy-cute candy packaging. Scroll on through to check out some of our most recent Halloween work that’s to die for.

a monster mashup

It’s not always about developing new assets, but rather, leveraging what you have. We brought past stand-up-bag monster characters back to life for the 2022 Halloween season. Using these previously created illustrations, we were able to mash them up into the brand’s new Monster Boxes, exclusively sold on Amazon. These boxes are intended to be used as a specialty gift or party favor for the season, so we incorporated games on the back panel to up the usage occasion. Boo yeah!

“bone” appetit

Want to Halloween-ize your packaging but also want to retain your brand equities? We’re here to tell you that you can have both. And the Butterfinger Skull is the perfect example of that! We were able to develop a system that can be extended across other seasons, while keeping the brand colors intact. We added a small hint of seasonality and played up the taste appeal with a render of the delicious chocolate skull inside.

boo bag

Less is more. (Yes, even on Halloween.) We redesigned this bag to incorporate a character into the copy, matching the current system we developed, which uses characters with a window in the mouth – strategically placed for consumers to have a sneak peak of what’s inside.

eye spy

With the right design, even tiny packages can have a major impact. This is the case with the Crunch Zombie Eye. This yummy eyeball focused on character appeal by zeroing in on a single element.


Interested in creating some scary good Halloween candy packaging for next year? Email us to get started!

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