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March 2022 packaging trends

This month we've compiled a few super hot packaging and design trends to inspire you in whatever you're doing. We've seen these all over, from street art, to fashion, to – yup, you guessed it – popping up on packaging.


For Baby Boomers, the 60's Psychedelic period represents a time of experimentation and freedom, a time where rules were being broken and individuality and self-expression reigned supreme. For Millennials, who now comprise the largest age group in the United States, the nostalgic fonts of the 60s represent a desire to return to the times their parents and grandparents still revere as "simpler, happier times."

2D and 3D

Now in the third year of the pandemic, we've accepted (or are trying to) our "new normal" in our work and personal lives. A lot of people are now looking for excitement within the confines of a smaller reality. We will begin to see artwork on packages that reflects the complexity of the transitional times we are living in, with the use of 3D renderings mixed with 2D art.

CPG in the Metaverse

NFTs are on the rise, especially with Gen Z, and CPG brands are starting to test the waters. Many brands have created and launched NFT projects to monetize the power of their brand equities in the Metaverse. Smaller legacy brands aim to re-invigorate their base by creating engaging campaigns where they can interact with consumers in 3D. Good or bad, this phenomenon is here to stay, and it unequivocally points to the future.


We are luckily living through a time where the marginalization of many unsung groups is coming sharply into focus. Many brands who largely profit from these groups will need to make statements on where they stand on issues – not only through their marketing campaigns and social media channels but also on their packaged goods. There will be more diversified groups featured on package designs, as well as more products reformulated to encompass a larger demographic. In addition, we may continue to see some heritage brands self-reflect and completely rethink their brand mascots and brand names.

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