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Three CSB parents share back-to-school hacks

Another morning, another sack lunch, another dogpile into the car. All that and you've gotta be at work on time? The struggle is real! So, we asked three CSB parenting pros to share their tips and tricks on how to make the back-to-school season easier.

Adam Garber, Design Director

• Skip the outfit changes! Pick out kid’s clothes for the morning the night before.

• The after-school special: Meal prep on the weekend for dinners for the week.

• Plan a consistent morning routine with a task checklist (mostly for parents, but kids can help). Make it so everyone in the family has their own set of responsibilities and knows what they need to get packed up before leaving the house for school and work.

Jerry Corcoran, Creative Director

• Give it a go. Do a dress rehearsal the day before the first day.

• Always ask your kids what they are looking forward to, for that day.

• Spending money is fun! Involve the kids in the school shopping, so they get excited.

• Get back into the routine a week before school starts.

• BYO Snacks! Stock a snack drawer, so the kids can pick something to look forward to.

Lorin Pepe, Group Account Director

• As fun as summer is, do not wait until the day before school starts for back-to-school supply shopping.

• Keep the Chromebook charged overnight, next to the backpack.

• Lay out (and agree upon, if necessary) clothing the night before.

• Sticky notes on the back of the front door for reminders. (Don’t forget the flute!)

• Prep! Make lunch, pack snacks, and fill water bottles the night before.


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