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trend report: what’s hoppin’ for Easter 2022

Here at CSB, we’re big on holiday candy packaging design. (And eating the candy, too. Not gonna lie.) We’re always looking for the latest and greatest in sweet-tooth innovation. So, we’ve hopped onto the Easter train to share some of our favorite trends for this candy-centric holiday. Here are our Easter packaging trends for 2022:

No need to leave all the crafting to the kids. Layering different textures and colors celebrates the season in a personal way – from home décor to cakes and everything in between. Combining different tactile experiences allows for a modern seasonal expression.

The baskets are hung by the chimney with care … wait, wrong holiday. Yet, this Easter season we’re seeing lots of traditional activities and products inspired by the “most wonderful time of the year,” except with a pastel color palette. From sugar-cookie houses to full-on Easter trees, we are here for this trend of sharing the seasonal love.

Who says that you’ve gotta have two ears and a tail to be the Easter mascot? During the pandemic, rainbows became a unifying symbol of hope. Hung in windows and painted on sidewalks, the multitude of colors served as a reminder that we will come out okay on the other side. Naturally, with the rise of the rainbow comes other mythical creatures, like unicorns. And now we’re seeing unicorns popping up all over for the spring season. Some even say they have become the new Easter mascot. And, personally, we’re totally on board.

The classic strategy of throwing bunny ears on your logo is a simple yet effective way to play in the Easter category. It may not be groundbreaking, but we still think it’s cute!

Bright, bold, colorful patterns bring a fun modern approach to Easter packaging. You can try something in traditional pastels, play up spring with fresh greens and pinks, or incorporate gingham or bows that are reminiscent of Easter dresses of our youth. We’re always seeing polka dots, florals, and pastel plaids for outfits. Why not use it on packaging, too?


Ready to create something standout for next year's Easter?

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