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Updated: May 18, 2022

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we chose to spotlight three super-moms from our staff: Sonia, Heily, and Lorin. As a woman-owned (and mom-owned) business, we know that being a mom isn’t easy, and it’s even harder when you’re dedicated to a full-time job. So, here’s to our working moms, and working moms all over the world. You’re incredible!

Sonia Sussman

How do you juggle being a working mom?

Take it day by day and have a huddle with my husband every night. Parenting preteens is definitely a team sport.

Best mom hack?

I set alarm clock reminders for myself of every little thing I need to do... from when I have to pack drumsticks or piano books, to when they have baseball games, to when it’s time to cut their nails. It’s truly the only way I can keep up!

What is your ideal Mother’s Day?

A quiet day with no activities and lots of time to think and recharge.

Heily Shaw – Mom to Austin (7)

How do you juggle being a working mom?

Ask for help. It really takes a village! I would not be able to go to work if was not for my family helping me with childcare. It helps that we are working from home two days a week, so I can take Austin to participate in after-school activities.

Best mom hack?

Be extra nice to everyone, which is something we should do anyway. But people are more likely to help you if you are nice to them. As I mentioned before, it takes a village to raise a kid. Always plan ahead, with multiple plans to fall back on.

What is your ideal Mother’s Day?

Make it every day. Waking up to a clean house with coffee ready would be lovely. A spa day would be great (if it weren’t for Covid).

Lorin Pepe – Mom to Hailey (9)

How do you juggle being a working mom?

When Hailey was a baby and I was stressed out about being great at it all, I realized that in order for me to be the best mom, best wife, best worker, etc.… I couldn’t be both at the same time. So while I’m at work, I’m all in - focused on my team, my clients and my work. When not at work, I give my family my 100%.

Best mom hack?

1. Prepare the night before the best you can. Make lunches, pack snacks, fill water bottles, lay out clothing… 2. Always keep a stash of snacks in the car or in your purse.

What is your ideal Mother’s Day?

Some moms like a spa and a relaxing day. My ideal day is one spent with my family feeling the love and being appreciated. Relaxing isn’t a part of my everyday, so why make it part of Mother’s Day? 😉 My daughter enjoys bringing me breakfast in bed and spoiling me. I’m still her best friend and I will take advantage of it until she’s a teenager and doesn’t want to spend time with me. However, I will ask for take-out 😊. This mama doesn’t cook on Mother’s Day.


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